Blood Cancer How It Cause How To Prevent It!!

Blood cancer is the very dangerous diseases and it is also called as leukemia and it is caused by the blood cells. The fight between the white blood cells and red blood cells and white blood cells will increase their strength on ability to fight infection and also leukemia is a blood forming tissues and including the bone marrow and also that the many types exist such as lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. And these are diseases of the leukemia. In India there are nearly one million people’s are suffering from this disease.
The symptoms of the leukemia have no symptoms because it is slow growing types of the leukemia rapidly growing with the types of the leukemia had include fatigue and unnecessary of the weight loss and frequent infections and easy of the bleeding and bruising. Some of the people’s will express their experience on the leukemia and pains on the areas are having the pain on joints and the bones and also that the whole body is dizziness and fatigue, fever and loss of appetite and these are the symptoms of the leukemia.
The treatment for the leukemia and it is depend on the severity and the treatment of the leukemia is highly variable and for the slow growing of leukaemia and this treatment will be on the monitoring and for the serious stage of the leukemia is treatment for the chemotherapy and that’s some time followed by the radiation of the steam cell transplant. And the medicine is used for this disease is chemotherapy and blood transfusion these are the solutions for the leukemia or blood cancer.

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