Ear Infection Causes

In the ear infection we have the three types of the different infections and that is inner, middle or outer ear infection. All of this we have the middle ear infection is the most common type and also middle ear infection is also called in the medical terminology is otitis media. infection is caused in the place of the behind on the eardrum and thus infection is caused by the Bacteria and virus. In the India ten millions of the people’s are suffering from this disease and it will easily cure but we have to take the medicine. The symptoms of the ear infection of middle is on the next paragraph.
The symptoms of the middle ear infection that are middle diagnosis is having the ear pain and the fever are the common symptoms and also having the drainage of the fluid flow from the ear and by this infection we can loss the hearing and these are the main and the experience people will said the pain in the area is ear and also having the whole body will easily get fever and loss of appetite and also having the vertigo and in the ears infection is caused and also common for crying and headache and nasal congestion. The treatment of middle ear infection is containg the antibiotics are useful for this and most of the ear infections are cure with the antibiotics and no need to use the antibiotics for the all infection some it will aautomatically cure on their own. The treatment for the ear infection is not required but some of the infection will cure to the antibiotics only. The middle ear infection will cure without any strain and also we can use the ear drops for infection of the area and most of the people’s are in the India is having this disease.

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